Thursday, August 15, 2013

Confessions of a Plant Killer :)

 So, my sweet husband gave me a wonderful Valentine's gift and card! After about 35 years of marriage he finally is starting to 'get' it. He went to a well known florist shop and picked up a plant. It was a beautiful philodendron type plant. At first I felt a little disappointed, not because I didn't appreciate the gift, mind you, but I am a known plant killer. Give me anything that is living in a pot and 98-99% of the time it will probably not live past one year, if even that. I am surprised that I have not been locked up for 'plant abuse' by the 'are you taking care of your plant police,' or at the least had them confiscated! The sad truth is, no matter how hard I try, I usually kill my unsuspecting plants by either drowning them, or forgetting to water them altogether until one day I (or more likely my sweet husband) end up noticing the drooping/brown leaves and dry soil.
Now, getting back to the plant my husband purchased for me for Valentine's Day. I carefully took off the wrapping, and then I touched the rocks on the top of the pot. They were like, glued on, you know? So,upon closer observation, the plant, to my surprise and glee, was made out of  silicone or resin, a very good quality I might add. This meant that he was finally beginning to accept me for me! The plant killer! For so long he had cajoled, scolded and encouraged me 'very' strongly to pay attention to the plants that were sobbing for water or drowning in mud (take your pick). For so long I had continued to, against my will, kill the poor things!
It was a thing of contention between us at times.  He also mentioned to me that the sales lady who sold him the plant said to him upon the purchase: Oh, so you're wife is like me, she kills plants! What a marvelous admission and a wonderful freeing thing to know that  I am not the only 'brown thumb' in a world full of 'green thumbed' people.  I no longer  have to hide my 'shame.' No longer will I need to sneak a dead or dying plant out of the house and into the garbage can. No longer will I have to make excuses why I didn't water or over watered a plant. No longer will I have to hang my head in shame when asked, what happened to that beautiful plant I gave you?  This was indeed a beautiful Valentine's Day! I married the most thoughtful and loving man in the world (and just think of ALL the real flowers/plants he saved from a slow and agonizing death). My husband is indeed my hero and always will be. I do have one itty bitty concern though, how often do I need to dust my wonderful plant? Hmmm....perhaps it would be better to just enjoy the moment...we'll tackle 'dust' another day. :) love, Karen

                Thank you honey for always loving me.

      HAPPY VALENTINES DAY                           


  1. Sounds a bit like me. I forget to water plant also. I love the forever ones and I love you because you are one of the forever ones and I don't have to dust you very often so that is a plus. Your other MOM LaVera

  2. Great blog! Definitely a keepsake. Love you :-) Lee

  3. This was first published in 2011, and I made a few changes by adding make it more interesting.