Friday, June 17, 2011

Heart2Heart Father's Day Meltdown Bloopers

Well, Ever have one of those times where your brain is just mush? That's the way it was when I recorded this video last Father's Day. It was 3am before I decided I wasn't going very far, and I finally gave up, told my husband the next day, it's full of bloopers, do with it what you will.

I may come back and write a blog along with this...but for now, Happy Father's Day. For those of you who may not have a Father or lost your Father along the way...on this special occasion, write a letter, send a card or give out a hug, take someone out who needs to be honored. Maybe someone in a nursing facility or a next door neighbor, or your son or son in law. Pay it forward. Love and blessings, ~Karen~

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  1. Let Jesus guide you in all Ur plans,in all your dreams,in all Ur wish to happen in Ur life.
    God bless U 4ever.