Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life on the Internet


I don't really expect anyone to read this, and quite honestly I don't know if I can find my way back here. I sure hope I can. I like to blog and started on Myspace of all places. I can't get rid of my Myspace now because it has so much on there, even some documentation of some important things. Then I went to Facebook because they opened it up to us 'older people', and all my family and friends and even long lost cousins were on there. Amazing. Anyway, Myspace has become a place I visit once in a while. I love the creative possibilities of Myspace and my slides of family etc., but my family chose FB and since our one son is in the Navy, stationed in Hawaii, he refuses to go on Myspace.

Then, my husband started a Channel on Youtube. It's called the Oldfarts Channel. I had had a Channel for quite a while to collect sermons, interesting Christian video's, worship music and so forth, but had never really got into the community (you know, subscribing and making friends and such). Well my husband is a part of a small production company called...'Taffytown Productions.' We make original video's and family friendly. Some political parodies too (or at least one, more are coming). There are also a few animation video's. RobnBob: Save a Buck are some of the first video's we did. These were featured on the Newnuma Channel on Youtube. We are in partnership with them, though we also have our own Channel too.

Just for fun, one day I decided I would try and video log with my web cam. I ended up with about 500 hits. I was thrilled that anyone would even care or dare to watch. Then I did another video...and another. My last two video's were one on Mother's Day (over 1,800 hits within a months time, and then Father's Day with over 2,200 hits...) I am amazed. Anyway, I have some friends who want me to vlog now and who knows. I probably cannot maintain that many hits, but I enjoy relating to and being out there. My heart is to encourage and bring life, love and laughter and share the love of Christ and my faith, though it is by no means a place where I debate.

I have gone all over the world, which I find quite amazing and I have met a lot of wonderful people...some Christian, some not. The biggest problem I have is trying to work Oldfarts Channel as well as my own. Sometimes I even hop onto my husbands own Youtube Channel, Papa's Youtube Channel (he has uploaded two times where he has read a Bible Story to our grand daughter Faith).

So, Now we are a part of the Youtube family. Though, Youtube has sent me two times now a request for me to join, and sign up for Adsense (I haven't got a clue as to what I am doing or not doing but how the heck do you get a code to join Adsense if Youtube won't give you one?) It's all a bit foreign to me (the technical side), but we will continue and maybe one day this 'at home' mom/grandmother will be able to help with the bills...though this is NOT my driving force for being on Youtube. I expect one day, I will be traveling a lot more, maybe going to some of the places I've been on Youtube...possibilities are endless.

God Bless, y'all (or whoever) :)

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